Created to the supreme standards of the Patrón Spirits Company, Ultimat offers premium consumers a truly luxurious brand of vodka. It is crystal clear with a velvety texture that comforts the palate. 

Ultimat Vodka is the only vodka crafted from the distinctive mash of 70% potato and 30%  wheat and rye. Each of these elements is integral to the finished product's aroma and flavour profile. After distillation the vodka is carefully filtered to remove all trace impurities and is then reduced to 40% strength. Even sampled at room temperature the vodka is completely devoid of excess heat and imparts a lively, semisweet bouquet.

Tasting Notes

Truly decadent ultra-premium vodka from a blend of potato, wheat and rye. Palate: The silky entry leads to a smooth yet spicy richness, developing into a pleasant, subtle clean aftertaste. Presented in a hand-blown cobalt blue and clear crystal bottle with a crystal cork stopper.

Stock Code:
ALM 515377
Alc/Vol: 40%
Size: 750ml
Units per case: 6


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