Marie Brizard

Marie Brizard liqueurs have travelled through French and European history while remaining a family-run business for ten generations. She distinguished herself with audacity, excellence and innovation from the beginning and the brand maintains this spirit still today. Marie Brizard’s commitment to creating fresh, natural flavours along with pure cane sugar allow for a delicate taste that enhances the drink to make it a true, luxury, cocktail experience.

Marie Brizard Blue Curacao

Marie Brizard’s first produced Orange Liqueur from the year 1766.
The ‘spirit’ is a careful distillation of oranges, made in-house by the Marie Brizard Master Distiller. Produced using dry bitter orange peel from Haiti and fresh sweet orange peel from southern Spain with the addition of aromatic plants to make a characteristically Marie Brizard Blue Curacao.

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