The story of Czech Absinth is one that is clouded in the history of the Dark Ages and carries with it all the mysticism of true magic. Made by Green Tree Distillery, one of Europe’s oldest, these products have been carved out of ancient culture using local woodland ingredients including one of the oldest and most respected, Wormwood – a prolific herb used in early medicine and witchcraft potions. This absinth is a superb base spirit for a variety of cocktails – it combines wonderfully in a simple mix with tonic and is refreshing when served with cloudy apple juice and lemonade.


Dabel contains more Thujone (from wormwood) than most other absinth that has been available in Australia – a stronger more intense experience than Green Fairy. Bottled at 70% alc/vol it is the absinth of choice for discerning enthusiasts. The botanical base of Dabel makes it an interesting alternative to gin.

Czech Republic
Alcohol Volume