Cape Grim 666

Tasmania, a pristine island that sits below the southernmost coast of Australia, north of Antarctica. It’s an environmental wilderness famous for its clean air and natural beauty. Hidden away in this sanctuary of wild forests, windswept hills and rugged coastline is the aptly named Cape Grim.
Scientists have proven the air here is the cleanest in the world. The wind blows Antarctic rains uninhibited to the Cape.

This is where we source our water. It is also where we produce our vodka. Working with the finest Tasmanian ingredients, we use a slow small batch distillation process before mellowing the spirit with the highest-grade activated charcoal. Impurities now removed, finally we blend with Cape Grim Water.

The use of the world’s purest rainwater allows us to capture and share the distinctive character of Tasmania’s raw terroir.

Cape Grim 666 Wattleseed Coffee

The world’s first cold filtered coffee vodka.

The dedication and skill that crafting quality coffee demands is legendary. Leading specialty coffee producer St. ALi was the ideal partner to help us develop a blend of beans tailored to the natural character of our vodka.

With St. ALi’s globally renowned Head of Coffee, Matt Perger, we combined our passion for vodka with their passion for coffee. Together we refined our own version of the Aeropress technique using reduced temperatures to control the coffee extraction and stabilise the flavour.

The coffee is fast extracted at low temperature directly into our vodka using a proprietary process that allows us to gently fine-tune the flavours.

The result is an intense, yet balanced coffee-vodka taste experience like no other.

Tasmania, Australia
Alcohol Volume
700ml, 1L