TUACA is a striking blend of vanilla, distilled essences of Mediterranean citrus fruits and rich brandies. The original TUACA recipe was created more than 500 years ago, during the Italian Renaissance. Lorenzo de Medici, or Lorenzo the Magnificent as he was known, ruled Florence, Italy during this time. He assumed this responsibility from his father at the age of 20 and unlike many of his contemporaries, who favoured war and bloodshed, Lorenzo respected the arts. He became a generous benefactor to the great artists of the period including Michelangelo, da Vinci and Botticelli.

Tasting Notes 

A smooth, complex taste that delivers an intriguingly spicy fruit-based flavour with subtle hints of hazelnut, coconut and cocoa.

Stock Code: 
ALM 582476, ILG 410-8726
Alc/Vol: 24%
Size: 700ml
Units per case: 6