Training & Education

SouthTrade leads the drinks industry with first-class training and education.  

SouthTrade's brands are specialist and premium.  Each brand has a unique and fascinating heritage.  These wonderful brands have particular nuances that require experienced, professional education and training.

Gee David is SouthTrade's National Training Manager - his career in hospitality spans over 20 years.  Gee brings passion, dedication and charisma to his role.  He is an experienced bartender, manager, consultant, trainer and creator of fantastic cocktails.   

Gee has travelled the globe and worked with the world's finest Master Distillers.  Australia's bartenders gravitate towards Gee and he has built a National Training team that is packed with talent.

SouthTrade's trainers have experience running some of Australia's best cocktail bars.  Many of SouthTrade's trainers have had won prestigious awards.  Most importantly the SouthTrade training team are great communicators and educators that can run master classes and inspire an audience.

SouthTrade presents category trainings to both trade and consumers.  The SouthTrade Liquid Academy is an education programme designed to develop bartenders into industry authorities. The Academy initiative teaches bartenders about the key drinks categories.  The programme aims to develop the passion of bartenders, enhance their careers and deliver a wonderful experience for consumers.