You are only permitted to use the Images and Logos on this site for only for the legitimate promotion of authentic SouthTrade products, review purposes or for any purpose in any conditions agreed to between you and us (which may if agreed include the reproduction and publishing of the images). Under no circumstances are the Images or Logos to be used for purposes that may show or otherwise treat the Image (or any product or service depicted in the Image) in an illegal, defamatory, derogatory, negative or otherwise prejudicial way. You may use the Images and Logos in advertising materials without SouthTrade's further written consent, but the Images must not be sub-licensed, resold or distributed for commercial gain or allowed to be modified or incorporated in any other internal or web based image library service without the express written consent of SouthTrade.

You agree to comply with all reasonable requests by SouthTrade to withdraw any of the Images or Logos from publication for any reason, including potential illegality or legal liability of any party in relation to or arising out of the Images or Logos. If you have any doubts about the way in which you intend to use an Image or Logo, please contact us on +61 (02) 8080 9150 or

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