SouthTrade was founded on 1 April 2002 by the current working directors.  The organisation has grown in size to 47 people nationally including a sales team of 20 and a training staff of 12.

For the first year the business was totally focused on importing, marketing and distributing Green Fairy Czech Absinth.  SouthTrade has now grown to a position where it represents some of the most prestigious drinks brands in the world.

From the beginning SouthTrade understood the crucial role of bartenders in the establishment of new premium brands.  The company has subsequently created and maintained excellent relationships with bartenders nationally.

SouthTrade has also worked hard to cultivate valuable relationships with the media (trade and consumer) who are always eager to hear what the company is doing next.

SouthTrade has launched brands that compete in all significant spirit categories.  A number of these brands have enjoyed spectacular success under SouthTrade.  The company maintains excellent relations with its Brand Principals - many of whom are seeing Australasia outperform other regions of the world.

In recent years the SouthTrade business has expanded rapidly in the off-trade.  The business has secured distribution through independent bottle shops and chain groups including the giant retail multiples - Woolworths and Coles.

SouthTrade works hard to maintain its excellent reputation.  Brand Principals, bartenders, retailers and the media regard SouthTrade as a credible and passionate leader in the development of premium drinks brands in Australia and New Zealand.